We want everyone to get ready for the next generation of learning. We are not just a game or a platform, we’re creating a whole community with educative content that is not limited by strict and repetitive curricula and syllabi. We want to provide public education with a platform that provides gameplay, not only made by ourselves, but also by the player. 

We can bore you with the explanation of a direct feedback loop or throw a few white papers at your face, but all you need to understand is that we want to create a safe environment for students. In this environment they can experience immersive stories while working together to progress even faster. Self study is encouraged and rewarded and teachers have an instant insight into their students’ learning process and know exactly where and when to step in.

Of course we can’t do this on our own. Every now and then we organize events to bring everyone who is interested together. Sign up for our mailing list to learn more!

Our work

We create games with the knowledge of tomorrow. From designing characters to programming rocket physics, we do it all. We like to work on a variety of projects containing serious content to enable your future. Our target audience is any student, who either wants to play games with serious content, or students wanting to create meaningful objectives in their own game environment. We develop crazy games filled with things you always wanted to know, but never got the chance to learn! We have reason to believe that learning, using the magic of games, is so much more fun, that we made it our mission.